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Core Services

1.    Site Investigation :
          a.    Land Value, Risks, and Opportunities; 
          b.    Site Condition Assessment;
          c.    Due Dilligence.

2.    Planning:
          a.    Master Planning and Neighborhood Plans;
          b.    Strategic Approvals:
               i.     Rezoning;
               ii.    Development Cost Charges (DCC's);
               iii.   Covenants and Latecomer Agreements;
               iv.   Development Permits and Variances;

3.    Subdivision Layout:
         a.    Preliminary Layout Review (PLR);
         b.    Residential and Industrial Subdivisions;
         c.    Commercial Site Plans;

4.    Detailed Design:
         a.    Functional & Detailed Servicing Reports;
         b.    Earthworks Plan and Site Grading Design; 
         c.    Integrated Stormwater Design;

5.    Project Management:
         a.    Coordination of multiple consultants;
         b.    Management of Design Services and Fees;
         c.    Project Proforma and Financial Analysis.

6.    Construction Services:
         a.    Contract Preparation and Administration;
         b.    Selection of qualified general contractors;
         c.    Resident Site Inspection Services;
         d.    Site Construction Management;

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